Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship

How It Works
All players will have the opportunity to register for our regionals. We will assist them in the process and players will also have the chance to let us know more about themselves based on our exemption criteria. Players will be informed if they can compete at the regional level or if it is best for them to compete and qualify at a local tournament before they get invited to play in one of our regional tournaments.....
Why Sign-Up in December
During the month of December, all players will be able to register for any Regional Qualifier and will be reviewed by the NB3 JGNC committee. You will be able to register for a regional tournament for our early-bird price of $299. Starting in Jan 2023 our new price for a regional will be $329. During this month, players will be able to transfer or pull out for only an admin fee of $59.
We Are Headed to Canada
We are happy to announce that junior golfers will be able to compete at Kanawaki Golf Club in Quebec this summer. Learn more about Dickson Golf whose mission is to promote the game to all young juniors to get them interested in the sport
Regional Tournament Exemptions
To learn more about how to play in one of our Regional tournaments without having to qualify at the local level, click the apply button below or contact us directly by emailing us at
More Girls Opportunities
NB3 and Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour will work together exclusively to host the second annual All-Girls National Championship to air on Golf channel. Both organizations are excited to continue the relationship in order to provide this opportunity to all the girls in junior golf across the country. This will allow more girls to get exposure at the national level.
Short Par 4
In 2022 Short Par 4 became the title sponsor for the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to dive into the junior space. We see how the game of golf is growing and want nothing more than to be part of a golfer's journey from the early days.
Upcoming Events
Central Florida Regional (Boys)
January 28-29
NB3 JGNC - Boys
Mission Inn Resort - El Campeon
Howey-in-the-Hills, FL
Central Florida Regional (Girls)
January 28-29
PKBGT/NB3 Girls' Golf National Championship
Mission Inn Resort - El Campeon
Howey-in-the-Hills, FL
Arizona Regional (Boys)
April 29-30
NB3 JGNC - Boys
Talking Stick Golf Club - O'odham
Scottsdale, AZ
Georgia Regional (Girls)
May 20-21
PKBGT/NB3 Girls' Golf National Championship
Callaway Gardens Golf Club - Mountain View
Pine Mountain, GA
Latest Results
Notah Begay III Boys Jr Golf National Championship
November 7-9
Boys 16-18
Moloney. M (-7)
Yun. E (-4)
Boys 14-15
Golod. M (-10)
Hurd. S (-7)
Ringkamp. L (-5)
Boys 12-13
Kim. C (-15)
Liu. E (-9)
Coniaris. O (-8)
Boys 10-11
Horne. N (-12)
Hughes. C (-11)
Saito. L (-10)
PKBGT/Notah Begay III Girls Golf National Championship
November 3-5
Girls 16-18
McGovern. G (-10)
Tunwannarux. N (-6)
Pickrell. K (-6)
Girls 14-15
McCrery. A (-10)
Dovhey. B (-7)
Mathur. A (-3)
Girls 12-13
Zhao. Z (-23)
Zhang. A (-13)
Ahlowalia. G (-11)
Girls 10-11
Carter. G (-7)
Lee. A (-6)
Snyder. A (-3)
Girls 12-13 B
Little. K (+2)
Li. X (+6)
Wang. R (+8)
Girls 10-11 B
Joshi. I (+7)
Wachter. L (+8)
Hall. R (+11)
Carolinas Regional (Last Chance Girls)
October 8-9
Girls 16-18
Kutt. A (+9)
Burnette. E (+10)
Kline. K (+18)
Girls 14-15
Fang. A (+14)
Wilkie. B (+16)
Warden. E (+19)
Girls 12-13
Reisner. E (+8)
Ahlowalia. G (+9)
Kritsky. J (+10)
Girls 10-11
Chung. K (+1)
Davis. V (+6)
Rosado. A (+12)