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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

It is the responsibility of all players and spectators to fully read and understand these policies and procedures and abide by them. All players and parents who are on property for an official NB3 JGNC Event are agreeing to all of these policies and procedures and are accepting any risk that may be associated with competing in the tournaments

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the safety protocols and requirements put into place by the CDC and WHO in each state, this addendum will act as the policies and procedures moving forward in all NB3 JGNC Events beginning July 6th - 7th, 2020. These policies were put into place as a caution to keep all players, parents and staff safe. If policies and requirements are lifted per state guidelines, then we will notify the field and players before the start of competition.




  • Social distancing should always be practiced and players, parents and staff should stay six feet from others.

    • Any player or spectators that show signs of a fever, cough or other symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

  • All NB3 JGNC Staff will check temperatures before reporting to work each day.

  • All NB3 JGNC staff will wear masks and gloves at all times when interacting with players and spectators.

    • It is encouraged that players and spectators wear masks when engaging with NB3 JGNC staff or each other.

  • NB3 JGNC Staff will disinfect any item that may come in contact with a player i.e. water bottles or registration gifts.

  • Any player, spectator or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19 will not be allowed at NB3 JGNC events for 30 days following diagnosis.

  • No shaking hands or contact of any kid (fist bumps/high fives/hugs)

  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently and before/after each round

  • Please familiarize yourself and follow best practices as published by the CDC, WHO and state/local guidelines.




  • Spectators will be limited to two per player – NO EXCEPTIONS

    • Spectators are highly encouraged not to arrive on the main golf course property any earlier than 5-10 minutes before their player’s tee time. No spectators will be allowed on the driving range or putting green.

      • Spectators are restricted from designated Starting and Scoring Areas.

      • All Spectators must remain on cart path at all times.

    • Any crowding of spectators and violations of social distancing protocols may result in course or NB3 JGNC officials asking spectators to return to their vehicles.

    • Spectator carts will be available based on golf course guidelines and policies, which could be different at each course. NB3 staff will notify the field prior to arriving on site so spectators can plan ahead.

    • Spectators are permitted to carry items for their player/child (food, drink, umbrella, etc) so long as it is given to them quickly so they can return to social distancing.

    • Spectators are strongly encouraged to forecaddie for their group to eliminate congregating near the green or tees.

      • Spectators ARE allowed to look for balls for players, but must return to the cart path once players arrive to the area and spectators may communicate an entry point or approximate location to the player, as long as social distancing is maintained.

    • Once the group/player finishes on 18 green, parents are expected to return back to their cars while players head straight to the scoring area.

    • If you have a specific health condition or are at a vulnerable age (50+), the NB3 JGNC asks that these individuals stay at home and not attend the event.

      • Any spectator who purposely hides or discloses symptoms or diagnosis will be banned from the NB3 JGNC Series for the remaining 2020 season.

  • Any spectator who continues to violate the above policies and social distancing guidelines set forth by the NB3 JGNC Committee may be asked to leave the property.




  • NB3 JGNC must follow the golf courses’ guidelines regarding the practice time and use of facilities. Each facility may be different and information will be sent to you before each tournament begins. Players must adhere to guidelines that the NB3 JGNC will send out to ensure we maintain a safe environment for all involved.

    • If certain restrictions are in place for practice areas, NB3 JGNC staff will assign players warm-up times for each group and staff will be on site to ensure these warm-up times are followed by players and to answer any questions.

    • If possible, players are recommended to warm-up at their own house/course before coming to the tournament.

  • Players should make every effort to arrive no earlier than 60 minutes before their scheduled tee time. If they arrive earlier, players are asked to wait in their car to give other players the chance to warm up.

  • All players must check in at Registration before using the practice facilities. Social distancing will be enforced by NB3 JGNC staff and all staff will have gloves and masks on.

    • At the driving range and putting green, players must check in with the respective staff member before being allowed access to these practice areas.




  • The NB3 JGNC will no longer provide the following items to players on their starting tee and they should prepare accordingly: tees, pencils, permanent markers, sunscreen, bug spray and ball markers.

  • Players will be given opportunities to use hand sanitizer on the first tee and will be given gloves to use if they would like.

  • Players will receive playing partner’s scorecard directly from NB3 JGNC staff and will not switch with other players or shake hands.

  • Players will be able to receive 2-3 water bottles that have been disinfected and wiped down from NB3 JGNC staff on the first tee. Players are encouraged to bring additional forms of hydration as there may not be water out on the course during the round. There will be no NB3 JGNC Coolers throughout the course, only on the first tee.

  • Hole locations, Notice to Competitors and Temporary Policy and Rules Changes Due to COVID-19 will be sent to each player the day before the tournament begins. This will also be posted on the Tournament Information page and WILL NOT be handed to players on the first tee.

    • Players can take pictures with their cell phone on the first tee if they would like.

    • Players can only use their cell phone for referencing the above items OR to call a rule official.

  • Players must not shake hands or hug competitors.




  • Once players are on the golf course, they must practice social distancing at all times.

  • Players are not allowed to share any items with one another

  • Players must bring their own pencil/marker to use during the round

  • The NB3 JGNC will not provide any shuttles or transport any players in a golf cart during the round. The only time players will be allowed in a golf cart with another person is during an evacuation for a dangerous weather situation.

    • During a weather evacuation, we will ask that all parents/spectators go directly to their cars while the players head inside the club house (if available). All players will practice social distancing inside and will be able to hear weather updates from NB3 JGNC Committee as they become available.

    • If players want to go to their cars, please keep your phone handy for announcements regarding weather updates.  

  • Players are recommended to use gloves when handling any rakes on the golf course (gloves provided at registration and starting tees).  

    • When a player’s ball lies in a bunker and their lie, stance or swing is affected by an abnormal ground condition inside the bunker (i.g. foot prints), the player may take full relief or maximum available relief under rule 16.1 (c), but must stay inside the bunker.

    • Players are encouraged to smooth sand with their shoes or club after their shot when exiting the bunker.

  • Players must leave flagstick in the hole, removing the flagstick is a violation and first offense will be a warning, any secondary offense can result in the general penalty. 

  • If any part of the golf ball is in the Hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as Holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface. This definition will be used for hole inserts (such as plastic piping, pool noodles or the like). NOTE: if the ball does bounce out of the hole, the ball is NOT considered holed.

  • If a player needs a ruling, a phone number will be provided at each event to call an NB3 JGNC Rules Official who will be able to walk you through the ruling or assist the player while social distancing.

  • Players will not shake hands at the completion of the round.

  • Any player who continues to violate the social distancing guidelines set by NB3 JGNC may be disqualified from the tournament.

  • Any player who purposely hides or discloses symptoms or diagnosis will be banned from NB3 JGNC series for the remaining of the 2020 season.




  • Once the round is complete, players must walk straight to the scoring area designated by the NB3 JGNC staff. They are not to stop to converse with spectators or go to their car for any reason before entering the scoring area.

  • NB3 JGNC staff members will be instructing players where to stand while they report their scores to the committee.

    • The scoring area will have individual tables that are properly spaced so players are not within six feet of each other. A staff person will help direct players where to stand.

  • Each player will read aloud their scores they recorded for their playing partner. Every player will do this until all scores have been confirmed by each player. Scorecards will have two lines for signatures in which the same player will sign twice to assure scores are accurate.

  • Once scoring is finished, each player will be instructed to head back to their cars immediately.

  • A player’s scorecard is considered returned and final after all players in the group have verbally agreed to the hole-by-hole scores while at the scoring table with the NB3 JGNC Staff Member. Once the players leave the scoring area, no additional changes can be made. 

  • Ties for exemption spots will be determined with a sudden death, on-course playoff (if available based on weather, darkness, course availability). In the event an on-course playoff is not feasible, any ties will be broken by marching scorecards. Please CLICK HERE to refer to our tie-breaker policy on format for matching scorecards.




  • Caddies are only permitted for the Boys 13 & Under and Girls 13 & Under Divisions.

  • Caddies MUST be from the same household- NO EXCEPTIONS

  • The player should take care and limit the interaction with their caddie during the round



The NB3 JGNC Staff will continue to monitor the above policies and adjust as needed if restrictions and procedures are lifted.

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