Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship

Why Play NB3

Why Play the NB3 JGNC?


For those of you who are not familiar with the Series, we are proud to say that we just completed our 3rd annual National Championship this past November. We have grown in notoriety amongst the national junior golf community.


After only three years since our inception, we have given over 6,000 juniors a chance to compete on our national platform.


We provide all junior golfers the chance to be recognized amongst the best from all parts of the World.


 In summary here is what we are most proud of:


  • A platform that provides junior golfers from ages 10 to 18, both girls and boys, an opportunity to play at every level with the chance to improve each year and aspire to be one of our eight ( 8 ) division national championship winners.


  • Our goal since day one(1) was to build some of the best 2 day tournaments in the county which result in great competition. We allow any level of player the chance to qualify and compete in these events. After three years we have met our goal.


  • A series that begins at the local level and culminates with a championship with the TOP players from every age group around the World.


  • A chance to showcase our championship and our players on a 2-hour TV broadcast on Golf Channel each year in December.


  • A team which starts with Notah Begay III and includes a staff that works tirelessly to provide the quality and care it takes to become the best.


  • A price that is reasonable even though the popularity of the game has gone up along with the price to play. Our pricing has remained consistent.


  • A brand-new partnership that allows us to expand. NB3 will be working with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour which will give us the opportunity to host an all-girls and all-boys championship separately each year moving forward. More opportunities for both the girls and the boys to qualify at every level.


  • A passion for what we do which allows us to conduct a one-of-a-kind junior championship each year in November that surpasses all expectations once you experience the event.




Thank you to Notah Begay III for all he has done to make this Series what it has become to date. His dream has become a reality. Click the link below to hear more about why Notah is involved and how the Series can provide all junior golfers with a platform to get recognized on a national stage. 


Click HERE to hear from Notah Begay III 



Memories That Were Created!


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Testimonials and Feedback Received!

Many individuals, including some of the top PGA professionals in the game, have come on board to support the series. See what they have to say about what we are doing and how we run our tournaments by clicking HERE!