Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship

Tournament Policies


*Please refer to COVID-19 policies for updated restrictions and guidelines* 

The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and The R&A govern play. These Local Rules and Terms of the Competition are in effect at all Local Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and the National Championship. See applicable championship or qualifying round Notice to Players for modifications or additions to these Local Rules and Terms of the Competition. Complete text of the Rules and Local Rules may be found in the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf, effective January 2019.

As long as their are player's competing in a division, the JGNC Committee will award the respective qualifying spots per tournament. The NB3 JGNC is an open series and provides the same opportunities to all golfers across the country to play their way into the National Championship. If a division has 0 players registered, the JGNC Committee will decide if they want to allocate the remaining qualifying spots to other divisions. This decision is at the discretion of the JGNC Committee and all factors will be evaluated before the decision is made. 


Tie Breakers

*Please refer to COVID-19 policies for updated restrictions and guidelines* 

For Regional Qualifiers ONLY

  • Tiebreakers for qualifying spots into the National Championship will be determined by a sudden death playoff. Players will continue the playoff until all qualifying spots are determined. 

  • In the event that a playoff is not feasible (e.g. weather, darkness, or course is not available) matching scorecards will determine who qualifies. This will be determined by the following: 

    • The alternate spots will first be determined by the final round score of the competition

    • If the tying players have the same score for the last round or if the competition consisted of a single round, we will determine the winner based on the score for the last nine, the committee will then go to the last six holes, then the last three and finally the score on the 18th hole. (when this method is used in a competition with multiple tee start, the "last nine holes, last six holes, etc." are holes 10-18, 13-18, etc.) 

    • If the players are still tied, the committee will go through the same procedure on the front nine. If the players’ scores are completely the same on every hole, then the committee will make the decision to invite all tied players to the National Championship

Alternates: There will be two alternate spots available at each local and regional qualifier. Once all qualifying spots are determined, matching scorecards will be used to secure the 1st and 2nd alternate spots. Players who are on the alternate list will receive an email confirmation of their alternate position and will be notified immediately if they have been accepted into the National Championship.


Code of Conduct

*Please refer to COVID-19 policies for updated restrictions and guidelines* 

The Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship (JGNC) prides itself in the quality of players, host facilities and community involvement of each of its events. In order to continue making our events enjoyable for everyone, the JGNC will not tolerate any behavior that is unbecoming of a junior golfer. Players in violation of the code of conduct with the JGNC may lose playing privileges as well as being liable to penalty strokes or disqualification. 

All JGNC participants are reminded to respect the host facility and their staff/golf course. Players are expected to repair ball marks on the greens and divots where needed. Players are also expected to rake all bunkers and care for the course throughout their tournament experience. 

Violations of the Code of Conduct include: 

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct which includes: abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to volunteers/staff/officials or fellow competitors, and abuse of golf course property. 

  • Not adhering to the dress code of the host golf course 

  • Use or association of drugs or alcohol 

  • Conduct not becoming of a JGNC player, such as acting in anger or creating other distractions. 

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties: 

  • The JGNC Tournament Committee may assess any or all of the following penalties based on the severity of the violation(s) 

    • Issue a one stroke penalty for each act of unsportsmanlike conduct on the golf course 

    • Immediate disqualification from the tournament at which the violation occurs 

    • Depending on the severity of the violation, a tournament disqualification may also result in disqualification from the next tournament or tournaments for which a player has been accepted. 

    • The JGNC reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player’s registration for a major breach of the JGNC Code of Conduct.


Spectator Policy

*Please refer to COVID-19 policies for updated restrictions and guidelines* 

With the exception of caddies, all spectators need to stay out of the fairways and off of greens and tees during play. It is ok to gather near tee and greens to watch, but we ask that they stay on the cart paths or rough while walking the course.

Spectators may not interact with participants at any time on the golf course, except in the case of an emergency. Any conversation between a spectator and participant will be subject to penalty under Rule 10.2 (Advice).

  • Only exceptions allowing spectators to interact with players during a round include handing them sunscreen, food, beverage, or any health emergency.  This should always be done in front of another spectator or tournament official.


Spectators are not allowed to give a player a ride under any circumstances during the player’s round. This includes driving players back for lost balls or from green to tee. The JGNC staff will select shuttle holes prior to the start of the tournament. The only time a spectator can shuttle is at an authorized shuttle hole. Any time a player takes a ride from a spectator that is unauthorized, he/she will incur a 2 stroke penalty. In the event of a course evacuation for inclement weather, spectators can shuttle players to safety. 

Spectators will be subject to removal from the golf course for the following breaches of etiquette:    

  • Repeat offenses of interacting with players after being warned by Tournament Committee

  • Rude, vulgar or other inappropriate comments or gestures.

  • Verbal or physical harassment of players, volunteers, officials or fellow spectators.

  • Distracting a player or causing any disruption of play.

  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, unsafe or illegal in nature.

  • Failing to follow the instructions of a JGNC Tournament Committee official, volunteer or host personnel.



Caddie Policy

*Please refer to COVID-19 policies for updated restrictions and guidelines* 

The JGNC will allow caddies for the Boys 13U and Girls 13U Divisions throughout ALL Events. Caddies are optional for all events for these two divisions and players must declare a caddie prior to the start of their round.

Purpose of caddies: Caddies may carry a player’s clubs, give advice, and other help during the round but there are limits to what the Caddie is allowed to do. The player is responsible for the Caddie’s actions during the round and the player may incur a penalty if he/she breaches the Rules.

  • Caddies will be allowed to transport the player’s clubs and equipment.

  • Caddies will be allowed to search for a player’s golf ball.

  • Caddies will be allowed to clean a player’s golf ball.

  • Caddies will be able to give players advice.

  • Caddies will be allowed to use motorized carts (depending on host course cart availability)

  • Caddies will be allowed to transport a player only when shuttle holes have been designated on the Notice to Competitors, during evacuation/restart or back to a previous spot in order of play in accordance with Rule 20-5 and then back to where the player was picked up. Penalty for breach of unauthorized transportation is: Two strokes for each hole at which the breach occurred; maximum penalty per round is four strokes.

Once the player’s tees off on his or her first hole the player may not gain a Caddie during the round. A Caddie must be designated prior to the first tee shot.

  • Players are not allowed to switch caddies during the play of a round.


  • Deliberately stand on or close to the extended line of play behind a player while the player is taking his or her stance and until the stroke is made. 

·      Use personal cell phones during the round

Players will not be able to ride in the motorized cart at any point during the round. Caddies may use the motorized cart to transport themselves and the player’s equipment only. If the player is in breach of this rule they will be subject to a 2 stroke penalty for unauthorized transportation. 

This policy is in effect as of January 1, 2020. The JGNC has the authority to eliminate or modify this policy at any time.

Breach of Policies and/or rules by Caddies:

1st Offense= Official Warning from a JGNC official

2nd Offense= Caddie will be removed from the golf course