Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship

How It Works

About our Series

Founded in 2020, the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship Series is a three-tier qualifying system with two, 2-hour broadcasts on Golf Channel for both Boys & Girls. Players will need to earn their way into our Championship which is hosted at Coushatta Resort in Louisiana every November. The three stages of qualifying are Local, Regional Finals, and the National Championship (See descriptions on these events below). Exemptions are available to bypass the Local Stage depending on players skills, abilities, and history with our Series. 



Stages of our Series

Stage 1 - Local:

Our Local Events are made up of both 18-hole and 36-hole tournaments across the United States and Canada. These events are perfect for players that are new to our Series and Junior Golf. With our mission of being an all-inclusive Series, the Local Stage allows to access players and introduce them to the game of golf. With our strategic alliances with many reputable golf associations, we have over 100+ Local events where players can earn their way to the Regional Stage. We are proud to also announce that these events have been decreased in price despite the rising cost within the industry. Local Events may vary in price and players can compete in events as low as $69. 


Stage 2 - Regional Final:

Our Regional Final Stage has earned a reputation of being premier 2-day, 36-hole tournaments to participate in. These fields have highly ranked players and are contested on some of the best courses across the Country. Players that compete in these events are ones who have earned their spot Locally or who met at least one of our exemption criteria. With the importance today with Junior Golf Rankings, these events have become the center of attention for many college coaches. Within the price of the event, players will receive a Nike Hat, Nike Polo Shirt, Dozen Wilson Golf Balls, and many other items. The value and customer service players and parents receive at the Regional Stage is incomparable to any other junior golf event. 


Stage 3 - National Championship:

Our National Championship is an event that NO junior golfer wants to miss. With the help of many of our great sponsors, this event looks and feels just like a PGA or LPGA golf tour event! From the staff, sponsors, cameras, and the overall production, this will be an experience you do NOT want to miss. Many of the players that make it to the National Championship get recruited to top-Division 1 schools and with many coaches in attendance. Players receive registration gifts of up to $500+ in value! Contested at Louisiana's top-public course, Koasati Pines. If you are interested in seeing the production of this event, you can view the Golf Channel shows below!





Steps to Register

Below we have outlined the steps we recommend you take to ensure that you are registering for the right events:


Step 1 - Login to your account 

  • If you do NOT have an account with us, you can CLICK HERE to create one


Step 2 - Click our "Exemptions" tab to see if you are exempt to bypass the Local Stage

  • On the exemptions page, you will be alerted and directed to Local Event schedule if you are not exempt OR you will be directed to the Regional Finals schedule if you are exempt


Step 3 - Register for an event 

  • After seeing your exemption status you will now know what stage you are able to compete in


Step 4 - Earn your way to the National Championship which is broadcast on Golf Channel

  • 150 boys and 150 girls will earn their spot into the National Championship through our qualifiers. We hope to see you this year!




2023 Series Update

As we go into our 4th year and new 2023 season, we are proud to say that we have made improvements to our series each year. We strive to be one of the best in the junior golf arena. Our goal since day one when we launched our platform, was to provide junior golfers and their families with regional, 2-day tournaments that they would not want to miss. We also provide all juniors, no matter where they are in their junior golf career, the chance to make it all the way to our championships that we air on Golf Channel each year in December. As many of you know, our tournaments are open to all levels of players. This year we are going to continue to build the strength of fields in our regionals by attracting more players to qualify at the local level and invite back players from previous years who played well and can skip the local level of qualifying.



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