Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship


How It Works
The NB3 JGNC series consists of a 2-stage qualifying process whereby you qualify by playing in an 18-hole or 36-hole tournament. When you qualify you will be invited to our 54-Hole National Championship that will air on Golf Channel during a 2-hour broadcast that airs in December each year.
All Girls - More Opportunities
NB3 and Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour will work together exclusively to host the first ever All Girls National Championship to air on Golf channel. Both organizations are very excited to be able to provide this opportunity to all the girls in junior golf across the country. This will allow more girls to get exposure at the national level.
Are You Exempt?
Newly released is our exemption program for players to bypass the Local Qualifying Stage! In order to bypass the Local Qualifying Stage click on the link below and login to your account. Once you are logged in your application status will populate.
Latest Results
Notah Begay III Boys Jr Golf National Championship
November 7-9
Boys 16-18
Moloney. M (-7)
Yun. E (-4)
Boys 14-15
Golod. M (-10)
Hurd. S (-7)
Ringkamp. L (-5)
Boys 12-13
Kim. C (-15)
Liu. E (-9)
Coniaris. O (-8)
Boys 10-11
Horne. N (-12)
Hughes. C (-11)
Saito. L (-10)
PKBGT/Notah Begay III Girls Golf National Championship
November 3-5
Girls 16-18
McGovern. G (-10)
Tunwannarux. N (-6)
Pickrell. K (-6)
Girls 14-15
McCrery. A (-10)
Dovhey. B (-7)
Mathur. A (-3)
Girls 12-13
Zhao. Z (-23)
Zhang. A (-13)
Ahlowalia. G (-11)
Girls 10-11
Carter. G (-7)
Lee. A (-6)
Snyder. A (-3)
Girls 12-13 B
Little. K (+2)
Li. X (+6)
Wang. R (+8)
Girls 10-11 B
Joshi. I (+7)
Wachter. L (+8)
Hall. R (+11)
Carolinas Regional (Last Chance Girls)
October 8-9
Girls 16-18
Kutt. A (+9)
Burnette. E (+10)
Kline. K (+18)
Girls 14-15
Fang. A (+14)
Wilkie. B (+16)
Warden. E (+19)
Girls 12-13
Reisner. E (+8)
Ahlowalia. G (+9)
Kritsky. J (+10)
Girls 10-11
Chung. K (+1)
Davis. V (+6)
Rosado. A (+12)